I feel like it goes without saying that I owe A LOT to Socrates 62. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to play an instrument but I wasn’t sure what to pick. The guitar just seemed like the coolest sounding option so I decided to go with that; but at that point I didn’t view it as a passion or a commitment. So I quickly went through every guitar teacher in the area, becoming frustrated and not practicing ( most cases on purpose due to the frustration of not getting anywhere) and was on my last nerve before telling myself I would hang it up forever.

But before I quit I had one last recommendation to follow up on, the last guy in business that I was aware of. Pete was able to tap into something in me that changed my approach to music entirely. The guitar became fun, Music became accessible and I could clearly feel myself progressing. It’s because of Pete that I still can’t physically bring myself to walk past my guitar without picking it up.

It wasn’t long before I was writing songs of my own; and I think it’s important for me to note that it is a particularly terrifying thing for a 14 year old boy having barely started high school to start singing and writing lyrics. When I started doing it, there was no way in any circle of hell that I was playing those songs for anyone… except for Pete. Socrates 62 was a haven for me, I knew I could ride my bike over to Pete’s every Thursday night and we would have our time, completely free of judgment or apprehension, to just create and share music.

Now I’m 24, I’ve released one album of my own as well as produced and played on several projects for other people. I currently work as the digital marketing manager for a record label consisting of many of my musical heroes and I still don’t let a day go by where I don’t play my guitar. My entire life revolves around music and you better believe I would not have had the confidence in myself or the ability to have these opportunities if I was not lucky enough to be a student of Socrates 62.

If I could give any advice to parents of a kid wanting to play guitar or anyone looking for something new to enrich their life, it would be to remember that mentorship is important in every aspect of learning and growing. These lessons are not just blocked off time consisting of shallow verbal instruction; it’s the experience of cultivating a passion with someone who has been doing it for years and firmly believes it should be spread and shared. Don’t deprive yourselves or your kids of that experience. It is far more useful than you may know.

It was for me anyway.

Jordan Percival